GTA 5 Serendipity Mod menu v2.2

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GTA 5 Serendipity Mod menu v2.2

Post by Sean on Thu Sep 10, 2015 3:51 pm

Hello this Mod menu Is Awesome! They Just updated it With extra Stuff Like this.

Version 2.2
- Fixed issue with message not going away after being sent.
- Fixed Suicide
- Fixed Open/close doors
- Fixed RGB editors
- Fixed modded bullets.
- Fixed text messages.
- Fixed giving armor (stats)
- Fixed taking money (stats)

- Added warnings incase some functions are hotfixed.
- Added Custom Wanted Level
- Added Component Changer (shirts, pants, ..)
- Added Component Changer for spawned peds
- Added Explosive Melee + Ammo
- Added Overlays
- Added preset colors. (157)
- Added Scorched Overlay
- Added License plate editor. (design)
- Added Horn editor
- Added Forge menu
- Added entity info (when aiming)
- Added Entity Launcher (Aim - R2 to select, R3 to launch)
- Added Entity Gun (Aim - R2 to pickup/place)
- Added Entity Guns distance changer
- Added Predator gun
- Added World Modification menu
- Added time changer
- Added timescale editor
- Added gravity editor
- Added developer mode
- Added superman mode
- Added vehicle spawner for clients
- Added money rain.
- Added money rain radius changer.
- Added vehicle usage disabling.
- Added preset text messages.

- Improved DPad left-right selectors.
- Improved money dropper.
- Re-coded Garage editor.
- Change Name now supports color

For the custom plugin, it requires you to input the Path.
This only allows for smaller plugins.

If you feel Like Buying it Go here

Its the Best menu It don't freeze At all 100% no freeze almost

- Credits To Jorden for the Mod menu - and martinawake for the youtube video

Video here Razz Enjoy


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